New Modes FST4 and FST4W


To use the new modes FST4 and FST4W I tried to install wsjtx_2.3.0-rc1_i386.deb on a Medion notebook with i386-architecture. But it was very tricky for me to install this application under Debian 10 and so I upgraded  to Debian Testing (Debian 11).

Then I downloaded and installed the packages


from https://debian.pkgs.org and https://packages.debian.org

and, of course, wsjtx_2.3.0-rc1_i386.deb from the WSJT homepage.

WSJT-X 2.3 rc1 works fine apart from episodic problems with the audio settings (USB audio device).

A test with another notebook (Dell, amd64-architecture, Debian 10 and Virtualbox with Windows 8.1) failed. The system load was too high and the audio, especially with an USB device, stuttered.
Here was the solution an upgrade to Debian Testing (Debian 11), too.
After downloading and installing libvpx5_1.7.0-3+deb10u1_amd64.deb and wsjtx_2.3.0-rc1_amd64.deb  now I can use the modes FST4 and FST4W on the 630-m-band.


Update 2020-11-16

The update to wsjtx_2.3.0-rc2_i386.deb on the current Debian Testing (i386) required the installation of the packages

  • libicu60_60.2
  • libboost-system1.65.1
  • ibboost-filesystem1.65.1
  • ibboost-thread1.65.1
  • libboost-regex1.65.1
  • libboost-log1.65.1
The update of the Dell notebook (amd64) to wsjtx_2.3.0-rc2_amd64.deb did not require the installation of any additional package.




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